Vultur Rionero, ultras dead. A car from Melfi fans hit it

Vultur Rionero, ultras dead. It was hit by a car of Melfi fans in Vaglio di Basilicata

Vultur Rionero, ultras dead. A car of Melfi fans hit it (Photo Ansa)

ROME – Violence and death return to the world of ultras . A 39-year-old worker, Fabio Tucciariellofan of the Vultur Rionero (Lucanian Excellence) – died hit by a car on which some fans of the Melfi (Lucanian Excellence) traveled, near the station of Vaglio di Basilicata (province of Potenza) . Four other people were injured. The police are investigating the circumstances that led to the accident and the death of the fan, probably the result of the rivalry between the two fans. One of the wounded is hospitalized in the San Carlo hospital in Potenza.

The police tracked down and stopped the car, a Fiat Punto, which would have hit the Vultur Rionero fans, causing one of them to die today and seriously injure another. The occupants of the car, three young Melfi fans, are now interrogated in the police headquarters in Potenza.

Vultur Rionero was expected from the match on the Brienza pitch, but the match was canceled just for what happened, while Melfi was headed to Tolve to play against Real Tolve.

Claudio Buono explains on OndaNews: The two groups of fans would meet around lunchtime near the service area. For reasons still under investigation, a fight arose that caused the death of one fan and the injury of four others. The mortally wounded man would have been run over, but investigations are also ongoing.

On the spot the police and the health workers of 118 Basilicata Soccorso. Investigations immediately launched to clarify the dynamics of the facts and trace the perpetrators of what is configured as a murder. There has always been rivalry between the two fans.

“A Sunday of sport and celebration was destroyed by the madness of a group of troublemakers. Violent that under the mantle of supporters we let go of acts of violence that are delinquent ". The president of the Basilicata region, Vito Bardi, wrote in a note released by the press office, referring to the death of a Vultur Rionero fan invested today in Vaglio di Basilicata. "These offenders – he added – will have to pay dearly".

“The entire Lucanian community – continued the Lucanian governor – condemns when it happened in Vaglio, because it is distinct and distant from these behaviors. One cannot die on a Sunday to go and see the team of the heart. As a sportsman, as a fan, I am convinced that these attitudes are lunar with respect to the passion that moves millions of Italians and Lucanians. My closeness goes to the families of the injured and the victim – concluded Bardi. (Sources: Ansa, Agi and OndaNews).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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