Napoli-Fiorentina, Gattuso: “Embarrassing defeat, we apologize to the fans”

Napoli-Fiorentina, Gattuso: "Sconfitta imbarazzante, chiediamo scusa ai tifosi"

Naples, Gattuso in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Napoli lost at home to Fiorentina and went out among the whistles of its fans. Gattuso lost the fourth game out of the five played in the league and showed up to Dazn's microphones to apologize to his fans for the embarrassing performance offered by the team against the Viola.

“We have to apologize to the fans. The performance is embarrassing. I don't accept such a performance. Tonight we gave the impression of being eleven people who just met and who went to play a game without any organization. Without harmony. So I don't like it because during the week we do the bunch. I see a team alive in training and then I fall from the clouds when I see such performances on the field.

I am the coach and I am the first person in charge but this cannot go on. We are privileged, we just have to apologize to the fans. You can't play like that, we've been embarrassing. It is true that we had also lost against Inter and Lazio but the performances had been different. Today there was an involution. An involution that is not acceptable. We have to do an examination of conscience, things have to change at all costs because we can't go on like this.

Here it is not about three or four players who play badly, here there is no team. We didn't do anything for tonight, so I tell you we're embarrassed. We must be together, we must compact to get out of this situation. We are still sick. Seriously ill. I believed that we were on the road to recovery and instead today we did worse than the first game against Parma. Enough, I don't want to see such things anymore. Either change, or change … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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