Balotelli, other than European: enters the second half and gets hunted immediately for a play

Balotelli, altro che Europeo: entra nella ripresa e si fa cacciare per una sceneggiata

Mario Balotelli's expulsion during Brescia-Cagliari (photo Ansa)

BRESCIA – Yet another Balotellata . This is not the way to be called up for the European Championship. The former Inter striker cannot express himself continuously on the pitch but his over the top behaviors do not want to know how to decrease. Today Corini made him start off the bench because he didn't see him fit. Then he put him on the pitch in the last quarter of an hour in Brescia-Cagliari but the results were disastrous.

Balotelli entered the field with the attitude of those who wanted to make the coach pay for not having been chosen from the first minute and a few minutes later he combined it big by being hunted by the referee in a rough way.

At 81 ', Balotelli remedied the yellow card for a dangerous entry on Fabio Pisacane. Super Mario did not accept the referee's decision and began to protest in a blatant manner forcing him to show him the red card. Balotelli is not new to such things, a few months ago Mourinho told a similar anecdote …

The former Inter coach told of Mario Balotelli's stunt in the 2009 Inter-Rubin Kazan Champions League during an interview with CNN: “In the interval I speak only with him, I say to him“ Mario, do you they have warned, do not risk anything anymore because I cannot replace you, I have no other tips ". Start the game again, minute 46: foul, Mario sent off ». Today, eleven years later, it went the same way …

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