Vicenza Calcio, the young Edoardo Bolzon in hospital for cerebral hemorrhage

VICENZA – Vicenza Calcio is anxious about Edoardo Bolzon , an Under 17 player who was transported to the hospital following a cerebral hemorrhage.

As soon as he arrived in the hospital in Treviso, the young Bolzon was immediately operated on.

Vicenza Calcio has released a press release on the health of its young player.

“Sometimes, simply, the words to explain the things that happen are not found.

Last night, Edoardo Bolzon , red and white defender of our Under 17, was hit by a cerebral hemorrhage and is now struggling for life at the Treviso Hospital, where he was operated on urgently in the past few hours.

Edward, you have always proved to be a warrior on the field , battling more than anyone else on each ball, as your fighting spirit leads you to do.

This is an even more difficult game to face but we know how strong you are, your teammates and the whole big red and white family are at your side, even in this battle.

Come on Edo, don't give up! We look forward to seeing you back on the pitch with your shirt. "

Vicenza Calcio is first in the standings in Group B of Serie C.

At this moment, the red and white lead their championship with six points ahead of Reggio Audace.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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