Elena and Nadia Fanchini, the Brescian sisters retire from skiing

BRESCIA – Nadia and Elena Fanchini say goodbye to skiing.

The Brescian sisters of Montecampione retire from competitive activity with world medals (1 silver downhill each), wins (2 each) and podiums.

Both communicated their decision through long posts on Instagram.

Let's start from Elena Fanchini's Instagram post .

“Many say that when the time comes to retire you feel it inside, for me it is not like that.

It's a painful decision , I never wanted to retire like this, I wanted to fight on the ski slopes.

My body and knees no longer allow me to bear the workloads and you will buy at a high level.

With a burden on the heart I came to this decision.

I have lived wonderful years, skiing has given me a lot, since that incredible day of the world championships in Bormio, that splendid silver medal has made me the happiest person in the world.

It was an indescribable path that I would do a thousand more times with everything it entailed; joys, sorrows, injuries, victories.

I will miss skiing a lot, I will miss not opening the starting gate anymore, with tension, speed …

I will miss the team, coaches, skimans, athletic trainers, physiotherapists …

that I thank for what they have done for me in my path.

Finally that wonderful group of companions, we shared a wonderful adventure.

I thank the @federazione_sport_invernali the Fiamme Gialle, the Central Alps committee, the ski club 90 and all my sponsors.

To you fans, to my fan club that you rejoiced and suffered with me.


Thanks to their sacrifices, my parents allowed us to live this dream.

To my sisters Nadia and Sabrina for always being there, to my boyfriend Denis.

I will always remember my career with great emotion and with great pride for what I have done. Thank you all ❤ ".

And here is also Nadia Fanchini 's farewell to competitive skiing .

" The time for definitive greetings has come for me too, a moment that I have always tried to postpone because I didn't think I felt ready, then in reality I understood that perhaps I would never have been ready ..

yes because for me it was difficult to accept and think that from that starting gate I will never leave ..

But as in everything, there is a beginning and an end and now the time has come to end this beautiful journey and start what I have been living for some time ..

yes because Alessandro has arrived for 4 months and from there a new and wonderful chapter of my Life has started, he is absolutely my most beautiful victory ❤ !

After all, announcing the withdrawal from the races leaves me with a veil of sadness because the love I felt for this sport is indescribable ..

skiing gave me so much !! made me live the greatest joys and emotions ..

has put me in front of so many obstacles and so many pains to overcome, but all this has contributed to make me grow and make me an athlete and better woman ..

sure, I admit it, I feel a little bit of regret every now and then, because many times I wonder how it could have gone with a little more luck ..

however I try to dissuade myself from these thoughts immediately and I treasure all that I have achieved with great pride ❤

the ski is missing and will be missing forever, but I am aware that the memory will be forever imprinted in my heart because at the bottom of me just close your eyes to be able to relive that emotion or that adrenaline that you feel at the starting gate, with the thought I can relive all that magic, smell the snow and feel the air on my face ..

I can find myself anywhere and relive those same emotions. ❤

All this I will costudirò with care in my heart and I know that no one can ever deprive me of this sweet memory .. Thanks
my family with Devid ❤ .

Friends of the fan club.

All my fans   .

All the sponsors who supported me.

the yellow flames sports group
All ski man physiotherapist coaches.

BEPPE VERCELLI @ andreapanzeri70 @paolo_patroni Angelo Martinoli, GIACOMO STEFANI VALEUR, @ vallecamonica, @ briko.official @sagrini_srl @dynastar ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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