Verona van de Leur: from gymnastics star to clochard and red light actress

GOUDA (HOLLAND) – A story to write us a book . And indeed Verona van de Leur did it.

He is only 34 years old but has already gone through all the colors and in fact has decided to publish his first autobiography ' Simply Verona '.

The first part of his young life was a triumph as Verona van de Leur was one of the strongest gymnasts in the world .

The troubles started towards the end of his sporting career but they also have roots in the previous seasons.

Verona has always had a very bad relationship with both the Dutch federation and the family.

Van de Leur was forced to practice this sport by her family. Parents always claimed it first .

When Verona could not get on the podium , the parents left leaving it alone in the sports center.

At that point she was forced to face hours of travel to go home by train or public transport.

When Verona decided to retire from competitive activity , after years of physical and psychological abuse , her family repudiated her.

Her family threw her out of the house, stealing all the money she earned and changing the house lock.

So Verona was forced to live as a clochard . For two years he lived on tricks by sleeping in the car with his boyfriend Robbie .

In this dramatic phase of its existence, Verona has approached the world of crime. He lived by thefts and blackmail .

The arrest that arrived on time in 2010 is inevitable. Verona photographed a woman married to her lover .

Then he blackmailed her in exchange for money . The woman gave her 2000 euros but then reported her and Verona was arrested .

After 72 days in prison, Verona was desperate because she had no more money so she decided to accept the offer of a site for red light actresses .

This site thought of her because it was still very popular in Holland due to its high level past in the world of sport .

After working for this adult cam website, he decided to go it alone.

Verona opened an adult website where he uploaded several amateur videos with boyfriend Robbie.

After earning a lot of money, she also decided to end her career as a red light actress .

Now Verona is 34 years old and has a great desire to start a normal life again.

The first step? The siding with the gymnasts at the side after the scandal involving Larry Nassar , physician of the USA national gymnastics accused of rape.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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