Serie A, here is the protocol for restarting: from swabs to molecular tests, all indications

ROME – Serie A will be the guinea pig for the restart of Italian football after the forced stop for the coronavirus. Then it will be up to Serie B, Serie C and other categories.

The president of the FIGC, Gravina, carefully follows the work of the commission set up to restart football safely .

The commission is composed as follows: the president is Professor Paolo Zeppilli, then there is Roberto Cauda , Cattolica's infectious disease specialist, Massimo Fantoni , director of Gemini's Covid-19 unit, Walter Ricciardi , WHO component and adviser to Minister Speranza, and Francesco Vaia , director of Spallanzani.

All the lines of the protocol for the restart of Italian football.

The Corriere dello Sport fully reports all the lines of the FIGC protocol for the restart of Italian football.

"The protocol provides for a series of prescriptions and recommendations for the identification and conservation of a 'team group' formed, in addition to the players, also by the technical staff, doctors, physiotherapists, warehouse workers and staff in close contact with the players, which is completely 'negative' ".

"As a preliminary – the FIGC note – the work of the Commission recommends the withdrawal closed at least for the first training period (summer preparation model), preparatory to the full resumption of the activity and with the supervision of the social doctor or team doctor .

The retreat will be preceded by a screening (72-96 hours before starting) to which the whole team group will have to undergo.

In addition to carrying out the rapid molecular test and the serological test (with the type that will be indicated by the competent authorities), these investigations include an accurate medical history, a clinical visit (evaluation of any symptoms and measurement of body temperature) and instrumental tests and blood.

Moreover, based on input from the Figc itself ", it has been hypothesized, to facilitate the performance of all the controls and favor a better logistical organization," the possibility of recommending a three-speed restart can be considered: priority to Serie A, and then continue with series B and series C ".

The importance of sanitizing all places.

“The place for training must obviously be sanitized – continues the federation – meaning by place both the sports center and the gyms, changing rooms and hotels if the clubs do not have their own venue for the retreat.

The protocol will then focus on the management of the retreat with specific attention to the various training activities and on the organization for the use of the various structures, including the medical and physiotherapy room ".

With the contribution of the medical director of the Hague Angelo Pizzi , "the prescriptions will also be adequate for the referees, keeping in mind the specificities of the category" (source Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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