Coronavirus, Diaconal makes peace with Rezza: “Lazio invite you to the stadium but not to the derby …”

ROME – Peace made between Arturo Diaconale , Lazio spokesman, and Giovanni Rezza, research director of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

After giving his opinion on the resumption of the championship, "Impossible under these conditions", Rezza had let himself go to a joke:

"Then as a Romanist I hope that everything goes upstream …".

This joke had sent Lazio into a rage, who has been fighting for weeks to resume the championship.

Diaconal had answered him harshly:

"Think of finding the vaccine instead of being a Roma fan …".

Today Rezza and Diaconale have made peace on the frequencies of Radio Kiss Kiss.

The first to speak was Arturo Diaconale. His declarations are reported by

“Talking live with Professor Rezza is a pleasure because it gave me the opportunity to clarify.

I take this opportunity to invite Rezza , Romanist doc, to a Lazio game because football must unite and not divide, perhaps not in the derby … ".

Rezza accepted the invitation of Diaconale and then gave his opinion on a possible resumption of Serie A.

" Championship? In complete lockdown you cannot reopen, you must follow all the safety rules.

If you leave, you will certainly do it behind closed doors . Safety comes first for all of us. ”

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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