Totti and Real Madrid: “Ilary told me to go, he had left his job to follow me to Spain”

MADRID (SPAIN) – Francesco Totti was interviewed by the Spanish magazine " Libero " to talk about the negotiations that were about to bring him to Real Madrid .

The declarations of the former Roma captain are reported by

“How many times have I been one step away from Real Madrid? At least two.

I remember one, in 2003.

I had a year of contract left.

There were some problems with the president for other reasons, not mine.

And Real Madrid offered me any amount to go there.

Altogether something like twenty, twenty-five million. And a lot of money for Roma.

I, among some things and others, had a belief of going 80%.

Besides, with Roma I wasn't living my best moment.

They offered me a lot, anything, even Figo's "10", which they would sell to Inter.

There was Raúl, captain, symbol of Madrid, who was the one who earned the most.

Every player who arrived had to earn less than he did. I've thought about it a lot.

Ilary (we were not yet married) told me that she was leaving her job and that she would come with me.

In the end Sensi spoke to me, we clarified everything …

And I stayed.

It was a choice from the heart in which family, friends, fans and Roma have weighed heavily.

I had the feeling that I was doing something other than what others normally do, who do not reject clubs of this type.

I felt like a great player and, at the same time, different. With love for a shirt.

Playing with them (Real Madrid, ed), belonging to that group, would have already been fantastic.

Not playing from the beginning would not have been a problem.

Real Madrid is not a normal club.

Everyone would have liked to play there. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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