Cesare Barbieri is dead, the sports journalist followed Serie B, volleyball and basketball

MILAN – The world of sports journalism is mourning the death of Cesare Barbieri at 55 .

The journalist, who had been fighting for some time against a serious illness , passed away in a clinic in Milan where he was hospitalized a few weeks after he had also been hit by a stroke .

Barbieri began his career at Radio Pavia, then worked in national realities such as 7Gold , Mediaset Premium, Sky and Tim.

Before dying he had started his collaboration with the Serie B magazine.

In fact, the cadet series remembered him with this press release.

“The president Mauro Balata and the staff of the National League of Serie B remember his colleague Cesare Barbieri, a journalist in love with his work and football.

Inside the BMagazine are his latest articles that tell the world of B seen from his pen. Hello our friend and poet ".

Barbieri was remembered by many colleagues and personalities who were part of the world of sport and journalism.

Cesare Barbieri is dead, the memory of Pavia Uno Tv.

We want to remember you like that, with those headphones on your head, because we met you like this, at the Pietro Fortunati stadium for the news of Pavia.

Our paths crossed several times at work, at the beginning of the 90s the beginnings in the old Radio Pavia in via Parodi and at TRE in Vigevano ..

many lessons but also many moments of escape, because with you it was impossible to be serious ..

then a few years later to 7 Gold for sports ..

you have been a race commentator, both in Mediaset and in Rai and at Sky Sport, they all remember you with affection, your radio and commentary of football, basketball, volleyball today if so many pseudo-professionals dream about it ..

we shared a passion for Inter together …

you fought like a lion to the last .. as it was in your character, in your nature .. now the news of your death leaves a great sadness in all of us …

another friend and radio-TV colleague who leaves … still too young … a hug to you in heaven and your family on earth.

Hi Cesare Barbieri! "

The memory of Elite Football Center

"The ELITE FOOTBALL CENTER Higher Education School for Football is now losing its precious" piece ".

Following a long illness, Cesare Barbieri left us, our historical teacher of the Advanced Training Course in Football Journalism and Press Offices, as well as Didactic Manager of the Advanced Training Course in Telecronaca and Radio-reporting in Football.

We are all a little more alone today.

Caesar will remain forever in our hearts and in the hearts of every student who has known him, we will remember him every time we enter the classroom.

We will tell our future students about him, his humanity and his talent.

Our condolences and our affection for the family and loved ones.

Thanks for everything you taught us.

A generation of Journalists owes you a lot, we too. Hi Cesare … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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