Lance Armstrong: “Link between doping and my cancer? I only know that I started taking drugs at the age of 21 … “

ROME – Former cycling champion Lance Armstrong started doping at the age of 21 .

The former champion of cycling has revealed it to Espn but at the same time he is not sure of the link between these substances and the cancer he had a few years later.

"I can't know for sure if there was a link between doping and cancer, but I certainly can't rule it out."

Lance Armstrong returns to speak and his revelations are news:

“The first time I used substances? I think around the age of 21 ", the words of the Texan who told his story in an Espn documentary that will be released on May 24 and of which the English tabloid Sun and the Spanish Marca have spread an anticipation.

Armstrong was disqualified for life in 2012 after being admitted to having used doping substances and deprived him of the victory of 7 Tour de France.

In October 1996, he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, which he then defeated in about two years.

“The only thing I will say – adds the former runner – is that the only time in my life that I made use of growth hormone was in '96.

Already in my first season as a professional I was taking cortisone, but the EPO was on another level.

The first time I used substances? I think around the age of 21.

I knew what was going on.

I always asked, always knew and I always made my decisions alone "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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