The PSG wants to arm Mbappé, offered renewal for a total of 250 million

Psg vuole blindare Mbappé, offerto rinnovo da 250 milioni complessivi

Kylian Mbappé could renew his contract with the PSG for a total of 250 million euros for the next five seasons (photo Ansa)

PARIS (FRANCE) – The PSG is ready to break every record from an economic point of view to armor Kylian Mbappé . The young French footballer, who already earns fifteen million euros a season (more than a million euros a month), is thinking of saying goodbye to the PSG to move to Real Madrid. To make him change his mind, the French are ready to offer him a contract renewal that would make him the richest in the history of football.

Mbappé renews with the PSG? He would earn 50 million euros per season, more than four a month.

If Mbappé were to accept his club's renewal offer, he would earn 50 million euros per season for the next five years (more than four million euros a month). So let's talk about a total of 250 million euros guaranteed. With this renewal, he would earn more than Neymar who receives a good 37 million euros per season from the same Psg (more than three million euros per month).

Not even Real Madrid, which is doing everything to get to Mbappé, would be willing to reach this figure absolutely out of the market. Giving a player fifty million euros a season means paying more than four million euros a month.

In this way, the team's hiring ceiling would rise in an unnatural way and the other champions of the club would also ask for a substantial salary increase.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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