Serie A, historical turning point on the VAR: teams can request it

Serie A, svolta storica sul VAR: potranno richiederlo le squadre

Historical turning point for the Serie A, the VAR may also be requested by the teams. The challenge arrives (photo Ansa)

ROME – Historical turning point for Italian football. According to what revealed by Gabriele Gravina, number one of the football association , the Serie A is preparing to introduce the challenge, that is the possibility for the teams on the field to request the use of the var. Until now, the decision to go and consult the var was solely for the referees. Hence the controversy we witness every Sunday with questions such as "But why didn't the referee go to see the var?", Or "What is there to do if they don't go to look at it?".

Serie A is ready for the "challenge" of the var, the announcement of Gravina.

"Intensify the use of the on field review" of the Var, in controversial cases "that fall within the scope of the international protocol". This is the need that the president of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, shared with the refereeing designator of Serie A, Nicola Rizzoli, "not to feed instrumental controversies that affect the image of our championship, which is preparing to enter the crucial phase. of the season ". This indication has already been transferred to the referees, underlines a note from Figc.

Gravina also spoke of Italy's willingness to experience the challenge on the pitch, that is, the call of the var by the teams on the pitch. His declarations in this regard are reported by the Corriere dello Sport:

“Italy was one of the first countries in the world to experiment with technology in football. The adoption of the Var by IFAB, in fact, was preceded by an off-line test period in the top Italian championship which generated exceptional results, contributing significantly to the implementation of the definitive protocol.

Animated by the same desire to innovate and with the same spirit of service of the time, the FIGC has interpreted the requests received in recent weeks by numerous Serie A clubs and has informally anticipated FIFA its willingness to experiment with the use of the challenge (the call to the on field review by the teams), in the times and ways that the IFA eventually establishes.

The Football Association is convinced that, by continuing the path already undertaken, football can be brought into a dimension ever closer to the millions of fans, without affecting the authority of the referee but by providing him with concrete tools of help "(sources ANSA and Il Corriere dello Sport).

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