Juventus transfer market, Cristiano Ronaldo remains. Paratici says no to Messi and Donnarumma

Calciomercato Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo resta. Paratici dice no a Messi e Donnarumma

Juventus transfer market, Cristiano Ronaldo stays in Turin. No of Paratici to Messi and Donnarumma (photo Ansa)

MILAN – On the sidelines of the first leg of the Italian Cup between Milan and Juventus, the Juventus manager Paratici, interviewed by RAI journalists, spoke of both the incoming and outgoing transfer market. Paratici said that Cristiano Ronaldo will play for Juventus next season too, instead he put an end to the rumors about Donnarumma and Messi. The Juventus manager has been clear: Donnarumma will not arrive while Dybala is the Messi of the bianconeri …

Juventus transfer market, Paratici's point on Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Donnarumma.

The declarations on the Juventus transfer market issued by Paratici to the RAI microphones are reported by the Corriere dello Sport. “ Ronaldo will stay with Juventus again next season? There are no doubts". Paratici, the black and white ds, excludes a possible divorce from the Portuguese champion.

The renewal of Szczesny, meanwhile, puts an end to the rumors about Donnarumma : "It is clear that we have faith in him, he is one of the best in the world and therefore I would exclude the arrival of other numbers 1." Finally a joke about Dybala, in the past approached to Barcelona as a possible heir of Messi : "We are happy with Paulo, he is our number 10, we have invested a lot on him and we hope he is the Messi of Juve".

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