Stefano Tacconi, background on Heysel: “They forced us to play”

TURIN – Stefano Tacconi has returned to talk about the Heysel tragedy during an interview with "Le Lunatiche" on Rai Radio 2.

On 29 May 1985 , just before the start of the Champions League Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool at the Heysel stadium in Brussels, 39 people died, including 32 Italian, and over 600 were injured .

The statements of the former Juventus defender are reported by

“Inside the locker room there was a bit of everything: those who lost blood, those who were injured, we provided first aid, also lending shoes to those who had lost them, the suits.

It was a surreal atmosphere.

Boniperti had said that we shouldn't play, but then a general of the Police forces forced us to play it and I think it was right because otherwise much more would have happened.

We entered the field very angry, because in any case they had taken away the dream of that final, we were sure of winning but they took away the joy of exulting.

I understand the criticisms, but even here it was the police that asked us to go out with the cup to keep the fans good inside the stadium.

They didn't have to go out because the hooligans had not yet been evacuated. "

For the record, the cup was won by Juventus thanks to a goal scored on a penalty by Michel Platini.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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