Nadine Gonçalves, Neymar’s mother, forgives her “toy boy” Tiago Ramos. She had left him for his escapades with other men

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) – While Neymar is having fun in quarantine with his son, mom Nadine Gonçalves has decided to forgive her " toy boy" .

Nadine Gonçalves had left Tiago Ramos , this is the name of her boyfriend 30 years younger than her, for her escapades with other men.

In fact, according to what was written by the newspaper Extra, Ramos would like both men and women.

Nadine didn't just forgive him, she decided to let him live in one of the apartments she owned.

According to reports from the Brazilian media , behind this move there would be his will to control it to avoid further betrayals.

Some time ago, Ramos was accused of a flirtation, later denied, with Neymar's cook.

This news greatly hurt Madame Nadine Gonçalves.

Also because Neymar's mother is proud of her romantic relationship with this young model and does nothing to hide it.

Nadine, who is followed by nearly two million followers on Instagram, recently posted a photo with her baby boyfriend .

The post has received many comments of disapproval and also six hundred thousand likes from its followers.

In short, the mother, like Neymar, is destined to split her followers in two.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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