Brescia, Cellino unloads Balotelli: “What a disappointment, it was a mistake to hire him”

BRESCIA – Massimo Cellino officially downloads Mario Balotelli.

In the last few days, Super Mario had been arguing for missing some Brescia training without any valid reason.

The former Cagliari president definitively rejected Balotelli during an interview with the BBC.

The declarations of the Brescia Calcio patron are reported by

"Mario Balotelli? What a disappointment … it was a mistake to hire him.

The problem is that he doesn't show up for training, let's say he doesn't seem very interested in the future of the club.

Balotelli – Cellino continues – has a contract for Serie A, but not for B.

So if we were to go back it will be free, free.

And the impression is that he no longer likes being in Italy.

I think we both made a mistake.

I thought that taking him to Brescia, which is his city, would stimulate and encourage him to work hard.

At the same time – Cellino closes with a reference to Corini – I think it was badly managed by the previous coach ".

In the event of a farewell to Brescia, Balotelli would be practically forced to go play abroad because he has no market with us.

Super Mario would not disdain Rome or Naples as a destination but these two clubs are not interested in him.

Balotelli could return to France, since he is interested in both Lyon and Marseille, or he could go to play in Turkey in Besiktas.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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