Serie A, the new match times: it will be played late to fight the heat

ROME – The restart of the championship has become official, behind the scenes emerge on the new times of the Serie A matches.

The Italian footballers' association is fighting to play the games from 18 onwards to fight the summer heat.

According to what reported by the refusal to take the field before 18 is clear.

This is a problem for the League which has set three new slots for the races ( 17 , 19.15 and 21.30 ) to replace the previous ones ( 16.30 , 18.45 and 21 ) .

"With certain temperatures you can't play": the concept repeated yesterday by the Association.

So on an ideal championship day, the first game should take place at 17.

The second one should take place at 7.15pm.

The cartel match should take place at 21.30 instead of the usual 20.30.

It is unusual for our country to play at 9.30pm, it is more like a Spanish or Portuguese championship schedule .

It is also true that it is an exceptional situation because our championship has never had an epilogue late in the summer.

The Serie A will have to close its doors by the beginning of August for the obligations set by UEFA.

UEFA wants to know the names of the participants in the next European cups by 3 August.

Later, UEFA itself will indicate the dates to conclude the current editions of Europe and the Champions League.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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