Rome, Sarri-Higuain to return to flying: the Giallorossi club plan

Roma, Sarri-Higuain per tornare a volare: il piano del club giallorosso

Rome, Sarri-Higuain to return to flying: the Giallorossi club plan (photo Ansa)

ROME – Maurizio Sarri plus Gonzalo Higuain to return to the top. This would be Rome's plan for next season according to what Corriere dello Sport wrote in today's edition. Claudio Ranieri would have signed a three-year contract to ferry the team to Europe with the awareness of not being the coach for next season. Ranieri should not be dismissed but should be introduced into the company management as technical director.

Rome, Sarri-Higuain to relaunch the Giallorossi project

For his succession, Roma would have already received the yes of Gasperini dell'Atalanta and Giampaolo of Sampdoria but the two technicians of Serie A would be only a "plan b" for the Giallorossi club that would have instead in Maurizio Sarri the main objective to relaunch the team towards great goals.

Maurizio Sarri is the great goal of James Pallotta at the suggestion of his right hand Franco Baldini. Sarri and Baldini have been friends for many years and their children are also in business together. Sarri would have come up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving Chelsea after many misunderstandings with the property but at the same time the Italian technician does not want to give up the seasonal 6 million euros of his rich contract. Roma would be willing to meet its economic demands as Naples did with Ancelotti. The Giallorossi club would be willing to satisfy even its technical requests and Sarri would have been clear about this, Gonzalo Higuain, a striker who also led to Chelsea, would like to attack.

Until recently, Higuain was one of the most expensive attackers in the world. Juventus had to spend 90 million euros to buy it. But in the last year, Higuain has fallen into disgrace. At Milan he disappointed, until the end of the bench to the young Cutrone, and at Chelsea he is not convincing and the English club would have already decided not to redeem him. Higuain has no market and Rome could take advantage of this thing to take it from Juventus at a favorable price. Also because Juventus is interested in some players in the Rome squad such as Manolas and Zaniolo and for this reason it could open a wider market discourse between the two clubs.

source: Il Corriere dello Sport.

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