Pavel Pogrebnyak: “Ridiculous having blacks in the Russian national team”. The fine arrives

Pavel Pogrebnyak: "Ridicolo avere neri nella Nazionale Russa". Arriva la multa

Pavel Pogrebnyak: "Ridiculous having blacks in the Russian national team". The fine arrives. Photo EPA / BERND WEISSBROD

MOSCOW – "It is fun to see a player with dark skin join the Russian national team. It makes me strange ”.
For saying these words in an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda ", the Ural Yekaterinburg striker, and a former Russian national, Pavel Pogrebnyak, who spoke of his naturalized Brazilian colleague Ari, was fined an amount equal to about 3400 euros from the Football Federation's ethics committee.

Pavel Pogrebnyak risks disqualification in the future

With the clarification that if in the future it will repeat similar concepts, it will be disqualified until the end of the current season. The subsequent 'rectification' of the player was of no use, who stated that he simply wanted to say that the national team should not use the naturalized.

As for Ari, he has lived in Russia for nine years and has been a leader in Krasnodar. He is the third Brazilian who joins the national team of his adopted country after full-back Mario Fernandes, who, in order not to lose this chance, refused a call from Selecao, and goalkeeper Guilherme, from Lokomotiv.

Pavel Pogrebnyak is one of the most representative footballers of the Russian national team with 33 appearances and 8 goals to his credit. After each network, he celebrates with a military salute. He is much loved among Russian fans for his attachment to the national team.

source: Ansa.

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