Rome, Dzeko-Florenzi and the background on the captain’s armband

Roma Dzeko Florenzi fascia capitano

Edin Dzeko and captain Alessandro Florenzi celebrate Roma's last victory over Juventus (photo Ansa)

ROME – A few days after the renewal of his contract, Edin Dzeko has returned to speak to the microphones of Roma TV, the official broadcaster of the Giallorossi society. Dzeko has addressed many topics, he explained why he decided to stay with Roma and revealed a background on Alessandro Florenzi and the captain's band of the Capitoline.

When Dzeko seemed to be on the verge of transferring to Inter, Alessandro Florenzi did everything to convince him to stay. He also came to offer him the yellow-red captain's armband. And it wasn't just a promise because after the renewal of Dzeko's contract, Florenzi had really offered it. The Bosnian was favorably impressed by this gesture of his captain but refused confirming the band on his arm.

Edin Dzeko spoke to Roma TV microphones, his statements were reported by the Corriere dello Sport: "If I feel at home? It is not the first time I say it, I feel like this, my family feels this way, especially my wife, especially the children who were born here in Rome. Lately when we were on vacation, my daughter Una said "let's go home to Rome".

I'm happy when I see that others are happy that I stayed here with my teammates. I don't want to call them just that, but friends, brothers. They were always there to put pressure, "you are not going anywhere, stay here". I have a wonderful relationship with everyone, Pellegrini and Florenzi told me every day "in the end you stay here", "if you sign I give you the band". He told me after the signing "it's yours", I told him "you're our captain" (sources Roma TV and Il Corriere dello Sport).

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