Calciomercato, Icardi: Inter has accepted the offer of the Napoli but the player could make to skip the negotiation

Calciomercato Napoli Icardi Inter accetta offerta

Icardi with the Inter shirt, Napoli wants to buy it in this transfer market (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Three days to go before the championship starts but the Icardi case seems far from a solution. The Argentine striker, who in the last year has played little or nothing, has been put off by Inter from the direction of the new coach Antonio Conte who does not consider him an integral part of his technical project. At first it was thought to be an exchange between Dzeko and Icardi but this possibility has faded with the renewal of the contract of the Bosnian who remained at Rome.

Then there was talk of a possible exchange between Icardi and Dybala but this affair is rendered practically impossible by the tense relations that exist between the two clubs. Finally, there was talk of a possible passage of Icardi to Naples.

This negotiation is concrete and open more than ever after Inter accepted the offer presented by the Naples for 65 million euros. Now the ball passes to Icardi but at the moment the Argentine is far from an agreement with the Campania club.

Napoli offered Icardi a salary of 6 / 6.5 million euros per season, Wanda Nara, partner and agent of the Argentine striker, wants nine. The difference is substantial. To all this must be added the fact that the Argentine striker wanted to leave Inter only to move to Juventus since he gave his word to Paratici last March but time passes, indeed flies, and the manager of Juventus is not managed to build a constructive transfer dialogue with Inter.

With this scenario, the Argentine striker seems almost forced to move to Naples under the conditions of the Campanians. For this reason, the Argentinian bomber would be thinking of staying in Milan at least until the January transfer market. This would mean continuing to be idle. Not the best for a guy who has also lost the Argentina national football shirt.  

Meanwhile, in Naples they still hope for us and some rumors speak of a possible transfer market meeting between Wanda Nara and the Campanian leadership in a luxurious Capri hotel next weekend.

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