Fiorentina, presentation of Ribery at the Franks: planned crowd bath

Fiorentina Ribery presentazione stadio Artemio Franchi bagno folla

Ribery is the great transfer market of Fiorentina (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – In Florence the " Ribery mania" has officially broken out. Few believed a blow like that, now that the enthusiasm of the city has materialized is sky-high. For this reason, Ribery will not be presented as any footballer at a press conference, but will give his first greetings to Fiorentina fans in an Artemio Franchi Stadium that will be open to the public for this very special occasion. A huge crowd is expected because Fiorentina fans who are not on holiday will certainly not miss such a chance.

Ribery drives Florence crazy: "Fiorentina is a great team, my friend Toni sends me".

"I spoke with Luca Toni and he told me that Fiorentina is a big club and that the city is beautiful. I like the city and I already know Italian: I expect great affection. Thanks for all". These are the words that Franck Ribery has released on the official website of Fiorentina.

The footballer, who had landed in Florence a few minutes ago, is in the company of his wife and, to greet him at the airport, the technical director of the viola Giancarlo Antognoni.

"Welcome to Florence Franck Ribéry! We are excited about your arrival with the purple jersey and we can't wait to see you on the pitch! " The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, wrote this on his Facebook profile in reference to the arrival in the city of the French champion, the new acquisition of the Tuscan company.

"This is really a great day, we are all happy for Ribery's arrival." So Joe Barone, the man of reference of the owner of Fiorentina Rocco Commisso. There is great euphoria within Fiorentina and among the fans for the arrival of the French champion just landed in Florence.

"Tomorrow evening we will present it to the whole city – announced Barone – we will open the Franchi stadium so that everyone can greet Ribery, we expect a full Franchi as this champion".
Meanwhile, Commisso is expected for Friday, to greet the new signing and spur Fiorentina ahead of their league debut against Napoli (source: Ansa).

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