Referee insulted woman, Annalisa Moccia: “Children behave badly because they emulate their parents”

Arbitro Annalisa Moccia: Figli si comportano male perché emulano genitori

Referee insulted woman, Annalisa Moccia: "Children behave badly because they emulate their parents"

ROME – The referee Annalisa Moccia, insulted by a commentator during the match between Agropoli and Sant'Agnelli, comments on the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus the insults addressed to Giulia Nicastro during a game of kids in Mestre . The referee of Nola explains that the insults and bad behavior of the kids in the field are due to the parents: the children in fact emulate them.

Interviewed by Emanuela Valente in the broadcast "What happens in the city", Moccia commented on the events in Mestre: "It was shameful. I put myself in his shoes, it must have been a gruesome scene. Such a thing has never happened to me but insults are the order of the day. At the youth level, I have received serious appellations from children aged 14-15 in the field and from parents in the stands. Kids emulate what their parents do and say, they feel entitled to say and do bad things on the pitch because there are those who behave like this before them. My parents do it because I can't do it? "

Then he speaks of insults from mothers: "Not only men insult me. It has happened to receive bad words also from women, from the mothers of small players on the pitch. Once a lady told me to go and make dumplings. I felt terrible. I take the field to show that women can do everything, even better than men. When I felt insulted by a woman, I asked myself: "Maybe I have something wrong".

On sexist insults from the local commentator in the game of Excellence Agropoli-San'Agnello, he said: "When I listened to the commentary and the insults I got very angry. I had just taken the field and felt judged even before doing my job. Then I calmed down, thanks also to my colleagues in my section with whom we joked about, and the following days I passed them peacefully. I no longer thought of the negative thing, it was useless to break me down. It's not worth it, unfortunately, and it shouldn't be like this, I'm used to insults ”.

Despite everything, Annalisa continues her referee activity: “I started 8 years ago, I was 20 years old. My parents advised me not to pursue this career, I stubborn as I am I did not listen to them. I always came home happy after a game. The Hague is a training school, your character is formed, I find myself changed. If I look back and look at Annalisa ten years ago I see a completely different person. I was shy, introverted, now I would like to break the world ”.

But where did your passion for arbitrage begin? "I started out of simple curiosity. I became passionate about the role of care. I wanted to understand how he could see a difficult offside and report it naturally. I wondered what a referee thought before the game, what he did after a game, I became passionate about the figure of the referee for simple things. I heard that in my city there was the Nola section and I introduced myself. I never regretted this choice. Sometimes I thought about leaving but not because of the insults, I didn't want to leave because there was someone wrong with words from the stands. I thought I'd drop everything maybe after a bad game. I never really cared about the others in the middle of the field and in the stands. I never wanted to give satisfaction to the insult ”.

Something is changing, according to Moccia, in the relationship between women and football: "Sooner or later things have to change. We are on the right path. Many women's teams are born, the Italian women's national team qualified for the World Cup, the big companies have created the women's team, women are becoming more and more important. Women referees are on the rise, women are there and we are trampling ”.

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