Rome, James Pallotta: “De Rossi-Nzonzi? True! De Rossi-Di Francesco? False!”. Download Monchi, defend Baldini

Rome, the letter from James Pallotta: "De Rossi wanted Di Francesco's head? Isn't that so. Was he angry about buying Nzonzi? It's true"

Rome, the letter from James Pallotta: "Did De Rossi want Di Francesco's head? It's not true. Was he angry about buying Nzonzi? It is true "(photo Ansa)

ROME – James Pallotta, the president of Rome, has decided to write a letter to the Roma fans. A letter posted by Boston and arrived in Rome the day after the now famous investigation of "Republic" where it was told of a revolt in the dressing room against Roma Monchi-Di Francesco-Totti already last December. The letter begins with a long preamble in which Pallotta claims the results obtained (excluding this season) and then regrets the long process for the construction of the stadium.

But this long preamble has ended that Pallotta finally talks about yesterday's article.

"As for the article published on Thursday in the Republic – Pallotta writes – I read some passages when I woke up at 5 am yesterday and called them 'cazza **'. After reading the entire service, and after having a long and very detailed conversation with one of the piece extenders, I believe that some parts are true and other parts clearly incorrect. My fault".

Therefore for Pallotta some parts of the article of "Repubblica" are true. Which? For example, says Pallotta, it is true that De Rossi was disappointed when the company decided to buy Nzonzi.

And here Pallotta, defended De Rossi, instead unloads Monchi.

"Was he upset that someone had been bought to play in his position as reported in the article? Yes, it was, but this was due to the fact that the previous day he was told by Monchi that we would not take anyone who would potentially play in front of him in the same role. Therefore he was told a lie and the next day his emotional reaction was what it was. The next day he came back and said: "I'm sorry for my outburst."

So the fault, writes Pallotta, was of the Spanish ds.

It is not true however, says the American president, that De Rossi has ever asked for the head of Di Francesco:

"It is 100% false – he writes – In fact, at twelve games from the end of the championship I had a telephone conversation with Daniele, who personally asked me to continue with the same coach until the end of the season. So, if someone is suggesting that he asked for Di Francesco's exemption, this could not be further from the truth. "

To ask for Di Francesco's head, says Pallotta, were not even the other senators:

"Did Dzeko, Manolas or Kolarov ask for the coach to be exonerated? No – he replies – I never heard these players ask us to exempt Di Francesco. They never came to me, either directly or indirectly ".

Who is trying to embarrass the club? "I think there is no doubt that some outside people love controversy and want to cause problems for this team. They want everything to go to Rome to hell . They care about their personal goals, rather than the team or real fans. And that is why they continue to provide negative news to journalists, in an attempt to sensationalize ordinary disagreements or problems that can occur in the daily life of the Club or the locker room ".

Then Pallotta defends himself for the sales ("I wanted to sell Salah? No, he asked to leave. I wanted to get rid of Alisson? No, but we had to deal with the Financial Fair Play") and download the faults again on Monchi:
"The big problem in the last year has not been the sales, but the purchases. There is no doubt that we have taken top quality players. The biggest problem is certainly not about this or that player in itself, but the choice of the right men, able to adapt to the most congenial game system to Di Francesco. In May a year ago I highlighted the problems and needs of Rome in Monchi. Monchi asked me for 100% control and confidence as our sports director. I think back to the market session last summer every day and maybe I shouldn't have left it all this autonomy. The team simply did not fit well with Di Francesco's game. At the end of the market session, I observed our movements and realized that they would not work. I was very sorry for Di Francesco's position. "
Pallotta unloads Monchi and then defends Franco Baldini:
"Another targeted and constantly attacked is Franco Baldini: Franco is clearly my advisor and confidant for a long time and has never done anything at the expense of this Club. If you think Franco is involved in all the decisions, then you are wrong big. It is clear that someone is trying to create many problems for a person who, with discretion, has always given me great advice and helped us with some of the best players we have in our team and with some of the most advantageous transfers of these years. Looking at the protests, it seems that people are convinced of his involvement in Daniele's decision on the contract but it is not true. Franco did not give any input on Daniele. This is a discussion that I have not even discussed with him, because in the last two years I have carried it out, with regards to contract renewals, with management ".
The American president then defends the choice not to renew De Rossi's contract:
"(…) Let me give you an example that shows how difficult this was. Let's say that in the team we have Daniele and another defensive midfielder. We have twenty-four players in the squad and two defensive midfielders. What if, God forbid, the other defensive midfielder breaks his leg in the third game of the season? What would happen to the team? Daniele said he would like to play ten or fifteen games next season. So what would happen to the team without the possibility of buying another player until the market reopens in January? It's almost impossible to get a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy up front in one of the most delicate roles in a league like Serie A. So what do we do? If you participate in the Champions or the Europa League, there are three games per week. A physical limit would emerge as Daniel himself admitted. I'd like to have Daniele in the team, but having two players per role, if the other gets hurt Rome is screwed. It's a simple reasoning. You can't back a midfielder with more offensive features: that's too specific a role. You can not do this. This is our logic: it's just realism. It's a football and team decision. It is not a question related to the individual, despite how great Daniele is. A great footballer and a spectacular person. Daniele was very faithful to Rome and Rome was very faithful to Daniele. People cannot question our loyalty, because we said: 'Daniele, we would like you to be part of Rome for the rest of your life'. This is pretty fair to me. We never said "Goodbye, see you, good life". We want Daniele to be part of this club forever and we hope this happens ".

The Rome article , James Pallotta: “De Rossi-Nzonzi? True! De Rossi-Di Francesco? False!". Download Monchi, defends Baldini seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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