Stadio della Roma do you work already started? The proofs of “Il Caffè di Roma”

Stadio della Roma si fa, lavori già iniziati? Le prove de "Il Caffè di Roma"

Stadio della Roma do you work already started? The proofs of "Il Caffè di Roma" (photo by Ansa)

ROME – Rome's stadium will be built. There is the agreement of all the parties and the work would have started already and in great secrecy. To write it with a lot of "proofs" is the local newspaper "Il Caffè di Roma" in an article published Thursday, May 30th.

According to the local newspaper, the first test would be of an administrative nature. On May 22nd, the Capitol's Mobility Commission did not want to suspend the declaration of public interest that the Capitolina Assembly assigned to the structure on June 14th 2017. The suspension was motivated by Stefano Fassina's presentation of the suspension. of the Left for Rome and the ex grillina Cristina Grancio. However, the proposal was rejected by the president of the M5s committee Pietro Calabrese , a loyalist of the mayor Raggi, and by the other three grillini advisers present during the vote. In all, the commission consists of 12 people between majority and opposition. Many, however, at the time of the vote which ended with a 4-on-1 vote were not (intentionally?) Present in the Chamber.

The second test would instead be of a technical nature . According to "Il Caffè di Roma" documenting the fact with a photo, the area of ​​the southern Rome purification plant that is right next to the structure is under construction. The purifier, in this new enhanced version will be ready to accept the sewage from the stadium and the so-called "Business Park". It must be said, however, that Acea, the Municipality of Rome and the Metropolitan City, have long been working to modernize the plant built in the 1980s and which has long emanated miasmas that in some moments are tainting the inhabitants of the nearby neighborhoods.

There would then be a third test. Between January and February last, the Plan of the Tiber basin, a document that attributes a class of risk flooding to the banks of the river, has been modified. The Basin Authority that manages the Plan, in fact, gave the green light to the reclassification and downgrading of the hydrogeological risks that occurred on the river mouth, or rather of the areas located immediately after Tor di Valle.

So these are the three tests presented by the newspaper which tend to reassure the Roma fans who have been waiting too long for a signal and who are worried about the possibility that the project will take place in another area that is not far from here but is located on the municipality of Fiumicino.

On the other hand, they do not feel at all reassured by these latest developments (we will see in the coming weeks what will happen and if the tests will be confirmed in full) the many who are against this work and who judge Tor di Valle to be at risk of flooding and too rich in a unique fauna and flora , seriously endangered by the construction of a stadium.

Source: Il Caffè.tv

Is the article Stadio della Roma, works already started? The rehearsals of "Il Caffè di Roma" seem to be the first on daily Blitz .

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