Rashford takes the field against coronavirus, has raised £ 20 million to feed the children

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – Rashford has joined the long list of players and athletes who made donations during this coronavirus quarantine.

Rashford organized a fundraiser with the collaboration of the charity organization Fare Share.

Its purpose was to collect a lot of money to donate to children who are starving because of the coronavirus.

The result was achieved as the British national team raised the beauty of twenty million pounds.

Rashford set a good example and started this fundraising by donating £ 50,000 firsthand .

Rashford is a great champion, he is a star of the United and the English national team, he is very young so he is also an influencer on social networks.

For all these reasons, his fundraising has proved to be a real success. The United jewel has exploited its popularity for a just cause.

The reason for such generosity? Manchester United striker himself explains :

“I organized this fundraiser for the most needy children because I felt I was doing it deep in my heart.

Now I am doing well economically but until ten, fifteen, years ago I was exactly like these children who now have nothing to eat.

When the economic problems related to coronavirus started, I didn't think twice. I started this fundraiser right away.

You must never forget your origins. I repeat, until ten years ago I was in their same situation. I could not back down … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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