Michela Persico pregnant with Rugani: “The baby bump is growing more and more”

TURIN – The coronavirus is only a bad memory. The serene has returned to the Rugani home.

Pending the resumption of training, scheduled for May 4, the Juventus defender has returned to live together with his partner Michela Persico.

After the news of the positivity to the coronavirus, Rugani and Persico had been separated.

Rugani had gone to live at the J-Hotel, in close contact with the Juventus medical staff, while Persico remained in solitary confinement in his home.

During this period, not only negative news arrived but the couple also discovered that they are expecting a child.

Persico expressed her concern about being pregnant and suffering from coronavirus . Fortunately, things went well.

Michela Persico is cured like Daniele Rugani, now they live together again and enjoy this period of sweet expectation.

Today Rugani's partner has returned to update her Instagram profile to talk about beautiful things.

Here is the message posted by Michela Persico a few hours ago on Instagram.

“Good morning everyone also from our side.  How are you? The two of us are now entering the fifth month and this belly is growing more and more  ❤ # 5month #pregnant #love #myfamily ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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