Tottenham, Lucas Moura to Napoli to have Milik? A rich adjustment is needed

NAPLES – The transfer market also goes crazy during the coronavirus quarantine. Tottenham wants Milik but to get it he will have to outdo himself …

Meanwhile, let's start by saying that the current valuation of Milik is fifty million euros. The player was worth 70 but the coronavirus also lowered the price of his card.

Tottenham wants it but has no intention of spending fifty million euros because in the squad it already has strikers of the value of Son and Kane.

The Mourinho club wants to get to Milik by spending as little as possible. To do this he has an exchange in mind .

Tottenham wants to buy an attacker by disposing of another offensive footballer. So Mourinho thought about the following exchange …

Special One wants to liquidate Lucas Moura, who last year gave Tottenham the Champions League final with a hat trick at Ajax, to get to Milik.

Why does Mourinho want to deprive himself of Lucas Moura ? Because he doesn't consider it suitable for his idea of ​​football. Milik, on the other hand, would fit perfectly …

But to convince Napoli, the Brazilian striker is not enough since Milik is worth double …

So to get to Milik, provided that Napoli wants to give up the Pole, Tottenham would have to offer Moura plus twenty five million euros.

At the moment, Napoli does not want to sell Milik, even if Giuntoli dotes on Moura, but he could change his mind if Icardi arrives from Inter (since the PSG will not redeem him …).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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