Pezzella tells the coronavirus: “I was afraid to wake up and not breathe anymore”

FLORENCE – German Pezzella , footballer of Fiorentina and Argentina national team , has recovered from the coronavirus but has been afraid of not being able to.

Pezzella himself tells it during an interview with Olé. His declarations are reported by

“I had this fixed thought: will I wake up tomorrow without being able to breathe? Will my conditions get complicated or not? One does not know what can happen.

I tried to remain calm so as not to transmit my fears to the people I love, but inside me, when I was in bed and staring at the ceiling, I thought: we see this virus where it will take me.

You are also afraid that, being a footballer, something will remain in your lungs. I don't know, a lot of doubts that one carries around. "

German Pezzella lived this quarantine completely alone:

“It is not easy, it is practically a month that I am locked up. I respected the mandatory quarantine and didn't come in contact with anyone.

Today the only thing I can do is go to the supermarket, but thank God we are lucky that they can send us food at home, so I also avoid going shopping because there are large lines of people and you are waiting outside " .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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