Coronavirus, Brescia: “Footballers have reduced their wages. We are against the resumption of the championship “

BRESCIA – Brescia Calcio broke the silence to communicate to everyone the reduction in the salaries of its players. Cellino's company reiterated its desire not to want to resume the championship .

Coronavirus, the Brescia press release.

"Starting from the great sensitivity and responsibility shown by our players who, in almost all of them, have accepted very quickly the proposals to reduce salaries, in order to protect the integrity of the club in such a delicate moment, Brescia Calcio that careful and in-depth assessments are also being made on the issue of subscriptions.

Specifically, it should be noted that the price of season tickets for the 2019/2020 season included 22% VAT , paid by the Club to the Treasury, in the times and in the manner dictated by current legislation (last August).

In these difficult weeks, investigations are underway to try to recover at least part of this quota, so that we can refund part of the subscription itself, but the answers received so far are not comforting.

At this point, in the event that the resumption of the Championship is established , which the Club would like to avoid in respect of the sad reality of Brescia, a hypothesis under consideration is to apply a 25% discount, compared to the basic cost of the season " in progress ”, for those wishing to renew their season ticket for the next season.

This is a hypothesis but, considering that in any case 22% of VAT should be paid, this percentage of 25% discount on renewal is considered an important effort by the Company which, like all the entrepreneurial realities in the area, is having to face an extremely delicate period .

In this regard and for the sake of completeness of information, it is important to remember that last year Brescia Calcio also took on 100% of the costs for the refurbishment and adaptation of the facilities, without making use of it, a case that is more unique than rare in the sports scene. Italian, of no financing or state contribution ".

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