The doctor Volpi (Inter) against Lotito: “I had the coronavirus, it’s terrible. Football must not underestimate it “

MILAN – Piero Volpi, who in addition to being the social doctor of Inter is also the director of the Orthopedics Operative Unit of Humanitas of Rozzano , has sided openly against Lotito and against all those who are making false cards to resume the championship of football soon.

Volpi has been suffering from coronavirus and has spent tremendous days. The Inter doctor told of this bad misadventure during an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The first four days have been very hard . It seemed to live in another dimension: the head was shiny, but the body no longer responded, as if the computer had turned off.

I no longer had an appetite, I had difficulty breathing and even moving. It is an experience that I do not wish anyone, the head was shiny but the body no longer responded.

Only those who have seen with their own eyes what is happening inside a hospital these days can truly understand. The reality is very different, very far from the daily numbers we hear from the newsletters.

And this my speech applies to all components, including sports: the risk is that we tend to underestimate the emergency that we are still facing.

How will we get out of it? In one way: the scientific authorities – and in Italy we have excellence – are the ones who dictate the agenda.  

The time schedule is up to them and no one else , let them tell us if and when to resume the activity. Then, later, sports doctors will also come into play, of course, with all the prevention activities .

Shooting on May 4th? It is not fair to define them now, the times. This is an emergency that cannot lead to reasoning in the long run, but neither in the medium term.

Look at what happened in the last month: many declarations, many deadlines, were then overcome by the facts, up to the lockdown "(source La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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