Mourinho in tears: “My dog ​​Leya died on Christmas, it was all for me”

Mourinho in lacrime: "Il mio cane Leya è morto a Natale, era tutto per me"

Mourinho in tears over the death of his dog (photo from YouTube video)

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Tottenham continues to win, Mourinho has already entered the hearts of his new fans but after his last success against Brighton he appeared sad as if he had lost by six to zero. For this reason, British journalists asked him for explanations and received the following reply from Special One: “We won but I'm sad because my dog ​​Leya died. He died on Christmas day. It was everything for me, it was my family. I'm really in pieces but I still have to go on … ".

José Mourinho has always loved his Yorkshire Leya with all his heart. In 2007, when Special One was Chelsea manager, he got arrested for his four-legged love. The police entered the Portuguese technician's luxurious home to kidnap his dog, Mourinho opposed the police and was arrested.

The police accused Special One of bringing his dog overseas and bringing him back to Britain without administering the necessary vaccines. So Mourinho was forced to spend a few hours in his cell before returning to his villa for a thousand and one nights.

The video from YouTube with José Mourinho's tears, for the death of his dog, during an interview released on English TV.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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