Fiorentina transfer market, Cutrone said yes. It comes with the Wolves

Calciomercato Fiorentina, Cutrone ha detto sì. Si tratta con i Wolves

Fiorentina transfer market, Patrick Cutrone arriving from the Wolves. In the photo Ansa, he is with the Milan shirt

FLORENCE – Patrick Cutrone is about to return to Italy. The former AC Milan striker ended up on the edge of the Wolves where he has just played 12 minutes in the last nine games. Cutrone had arrived in England last summer but has never managed to settle down. With the Wolverhampton shirt, he has scored the misery of three goals in 21 appearances. In his defense it must be said that he often left the bench having only remnants of the race at his disposal.

Now Cutrone is looking for redemption and Fiorentina, who does not have a center forward, could be ideal from this point of view. The Viola have already reached an agreement with the player but have not yet found it with the English club.

Fiorentina wants Cutrone with the loan formula with a right of redemption at 16 million euros. The British agree with this formula but want to set a higher ransom of at least twenty million euros. The deal seems pretty close.

Cutrone wants to return to play continuously in Italy to play his cards also in a national key. Cutrone hopes for a great second part of the season to deserve the call in blue for Euro 2020.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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