Gessi Basket in crisis, the players go on pilgrimage

Gessi Basket in crisi, i giocatori vanno in pellegrinaggio

Gessi Basket (photo archive Ansa)

VERCELLI – The team does not shine and the players go on foot on pilgrimage. This is the solution adopted by the players of Gessi Basket , a team from Borgosesia (Vercelli) who is taking part in the Serie B championship with results that are not very comforting so far: the destination will be the sanctuary of Boca, in the Novarese hills, where they will receive the blessing from the pastor.

The idea came from the mayor of Borgosesia, Paolo Tiramani, a league player and a former basketball player. The rally is scheduled for 30 December at the cemetery of Grignasco, where a walk of about seven km will begin, which will be joined by coach Domenico Balignano and a large group of fans.

“It is a way – comments Tiramani – to testify to the team our support and to underline the values ​​that belong to our people and our traditions.

If then it will serve to conquer some victory, well. Otherwise it will have been a good moment of sharing and reflection, which in sport always has a great motivational value "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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