Messi foolproof on punishment, the secret? “Sprain the ankle”

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Cristiano Ronaldo at lesson with Lionel Messi , at least as regards punishment …

The Portuguese striker kicks a lot but with Juventus he hasn't managed to score a goal in two years, while Messi doesn't miss one.

Messi 's skill on free kicks is not something innate but is the result of years and years of training.

Early in his career, Messi was not considered a free kick specialist .

When he debuted in the first team, the punishments were mainly kicked by Ronaldinho and Xavi with him who was considered only a third choice.

From that moment on, Messi has dedicated part of his training to the execution of penalties and punishments.

Thanks to these special training sessions, Messi scored 52 goals directly on set shots – 46 with Barcelona, ​​six with the Argentine national team.

The Barcelona champion uses an execution technique that differentiates him from other punishment specialists.

The secret of the Argentine champion is the movement of the right foot in the moment of the conclusion with the left.

Barcelona's number ten almost sprains his ankle to give both power and precision to his conclusion with the left foot.

Judging by the many goals scored on punishment, it works … (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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