Kragl attacks Zenga: “He’s a str ****, he doesn’t have the balls”

BENEVENTO – The footballer from Benevento Kragl was interviewed by Goal and Spox to retrace some stages of his career.

During this interview, Kragl attacked Zenga harshly as he emotionally remembered his goal against AC Milan at San Siro .

"Crotone? Nicola was replaced by Walter Zenga, the Inter goalkeeper.

He was a real str ** zo.

He promised me to let me play but he never kept his promise.

Zenga was making fun of me.

Maybe he lacked the balls to contradict the club leaders.

I know what I can do and I should have played on that team.

If Crotone had Ribery I would have understood, I would not have asked for anything.

But of course it wasn't.

Before the Christmas holidays I had played a few minutes against Milan, I was happy.

Two days later my attorney called me while I was in Dubai telling me that Crotone wanted to give me up.

I said, "Okay, okay ** again, I'm leaving now! ".

Kragl, on the other hand, played an excellent season in the Frosinone ranks with a goal in San Siro against "his" Milan.

“It was pure madness, Donnarumma was in the door.

I also lost a contact lens while celebrating with tears in my eyes.

I played with AC Milan at the Playstation with my best friend Andrea as a child and then I do something like that in San Siro … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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