De Boer: “De Ligt will become number one but he shouldn’t have chosen Juventus”

AMSTERDAM (HOLLAND) – During the coronavirus quarantine, Ronald De Boer was interviewed by to talk about De Ligt.

The twin of the former Inter coach knows De Ligt perfectly since he has seen him grow since the days of the Ajax youth team.

According to De Boer, De Ligt should not have moved to Juventus, he should have chosen a destination similar to Ajax.

Also according to De Boer, De Ligt should have chosen Barcelona or Manchester City because these two clubs have a game similar to that of Ajax .

De Boer: "De Ligt should have chosen Barcelona or Manchester City".

The statements made by the ex Inter coach's twin are reported by

“I was working in the Academy of Ajax, I immediately liked his character: serious, intelligent, kind, he never complains, he works hard and learns.

And then he always had the skills of the great defender: he understood where the danger was …

I remember him at U14, when he returned the following year he was 30 centimeters taller.

It will be one of the best of this era, sure.

Did the transfer of De Ligt to Juventus surprise me? Yes: clubs closest to the Ajax system like City and Barcelona were interested.

It would have been easier to adapt.

I thought he would have made a different choice, but I respect the decision very much "(source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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