Juventus-Tottenham 2-3, Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuain immediately show but the defense dances

Juventus-Tottenham 2-2 highlights video gol youtube higuain cristiano ronaldo

Juventus-Tottenham, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after the goal (from YouTube)

SINGAPORE – The International Champions Cup of Juventus began with a spectacular match against Tottenham . The Bianconeri fell behind in the first half, they remounted the London team in the second half but in the end they had to surrender to the return of the English in the final game. Maurizio Sarri made his debut on the Juventus bench with a defeat.

It was a two-faced Juventus. Bad in the first half, when the ball of the game was in the feet of the vice European champions in charge, well in the second half when the bianconeri imposed their highest technical quality to their opponents. The goals scored by Gonzalo Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo stem from two masterpiece actions. They are not only the result of the genius of the individual but are the result of the choral game expressed by the team.

The match was released on 30 'by former Roma player Erik Lamela. The "Coco" scored on an empty goal after a short rebound by Buffon on a close shot by an opponent. After suffering this goal, Juventus did not react and risked closing the first half with a worse deficit.

In the second half, the music changed with Higuain's entry into the field. The Argentine striker will also be out but has faced the game as if it were a final. Until the very end he is playing his cards in Juventus as he would like to stay at Juventus. Higuain spoke very well with his attacking mates producing spectacular plays paired with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bernardeschi.

The draw of Juve came at 56 'at the end of a spectacular action, all low shot, ended by a winning razor from Higuain on an assist by Bernardeschi. Tottenham took the blow and Juve completed the comeback four minutes later, at 60 ', with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese champion scored with a touch from two passes after a fine move on the left of De Sciglio (who instead left in the defense to be desired …).

When Juve seemed to own the field, Tottenham managed to equalize to 76 'with Lucas Moura. The hero of the match against Ajax scored two passes from Ndombele's assist. In this circumstance, the error of De Sciglio weighed on him and did not mark him as he should have. At 93 ', when the race seemed to be over, Harry Kane made the difference with a goal from midfield. Szczesny, who had entered the pitch in place of Buffon to start shooting, was surprised as if he were a novice.

Sarri will have to fix the defensive phase and will have to evaluate well if it is the case to sell Higuain or not. Behind there we still don't have but Juve already has a nice kick in front of us.

Juventus-Tottenham 2-3, the highlights of the game (YouTube video).

The goal scored by Lamela after a short rebound by Buffon. The goal scored by Higuain on an assist by Bernardeschi. The goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo on an assist by De Sciglio. The goal scored by Lucas Moura on an assist by Ndombele.

Harry Kane's goal from midfield that gave Tottenham success against Juventus.

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