Kane mocks Szczesny with a goal from midfield, Juve loses with Tottenham VIDEO

Kane video gol Juventus Tottenham youtube highlights

The goal scored from midfield by Kane who decided Juventus-Tottenham (from YouTube)

SINGAPORE – The experience of Maurizio Sarri on the bench of the Italian champions in charge of Juventus began with a defeat against Tottenham in the International Champions Cup at the end of a game "crazy" and full of emotions.

Juventus played a good game from an offensive point of view, especially in the second half with the pair Cristiano Ronaldo – Higuain, but in defense he left something to be desired (including goalkeepers).

Tottenham's goals are the result of fairly obvious mistakes by Juventus players. On the occasion of the first goal, Juve allowed themselves to be caught off guard and in this circumstance not even Buffon's rejection was up to the situation. The Juventus goalkeeper failed to deflect the ball sideways, as they teach in football schools, and left the ball there for the easy tap of Lamela with an empty goal.

In the second half, the Juventus rearguard was pierced like butter. On the play of Ndombele, De Sciglio lost Lucas Moura and the Brazilian had no difficulty bagging in two steps.

The goal of Harry Kane, who decided the game at 93 ', is a masterpiece for intuition and promptness of execution but this magic is made possible by the macroscopic errors of Rabiot, who has trivially lost the ball in midfield, and of Szczesny, who is he was killed from midfield because he was distracted.

Maurizio Sarri will have to work on these errors because they are not eligible for a team that wants to win all the competitions they dispute. Good start for the vice European champions in charge of Tottenham.

The video from YouTube with the masterpiece goal scored by Harry Kane from midfield. This goal, scored at 93 ', gave Tottenham success on Juventus in a game valid for the International Champions Cup.

The video from YouTube with the highlights of Juventus-Tottenham 2-3.

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