Juventus market share, Kean-Arsenal 40 million euro deal

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Kean rejoices after a goal scored in the national team. He could move to Arsenal in this transfer market. Photo ANSA / LANCIA

TURIN – Moise Kean could leave Juventus to move to Arsenal during this transfer market window. Mino Raiola was clear, Kean is young but is already an international level striker and will leave Juventus only for a club of the same level.

For this reason the Juventus baby striker has categorically refused the transfer to Everton but is seriously considering leaving Turin to go to Arsenal or Inter. In the event that Kean should decide to move to London, Juventus would need about forty million euros.

If, on the other hand, Kean decided to move to Inter, under the orders of Antonio Conte, Juventus would receive Mauro Icardi in exchange and should pay a small adjustment to Inter because the Argentine striker is already a well-established player for some years while Kean, although he is strong, he is still a young man on the launching pad.

Juventus, Sarri does not talk about transfer market: "I am interested in team identity".

" We want to become a team with its own identity – said Sarri -. And I want to have fun. A group of people who have fun can give more. Here I found a very serene and peaceful environment, there is availability on everyone's part. At the Italian level we start from favorites, but in Europe there are 10-11 companies of the level of Juventus and the difficulties in the competition are very high ». Sarri then spoke of the match against the Spurs (race in progress).

"You will not be able to see a good race, the weather conditions are difficult, two tired teams will face each other as preparation is underway. I'd like to see the mental aspect of my players , a group that tries to do certain things. De Ligt has just arrived: he will play a piece of the match ». The conversation then moved to Ronaldo.

«Cristiano has won everything on an individual and collective level, starting slightly off the left in attack. The first attempt will be to put it there, but it is so strong that it can play anywhere "(sources La Repubblica and the official website of Juventus).

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