Juventus, Ravanelli: “Cristiano Ronaldo, Dybala, Higuain? Our trident was better … “

Juventus, Ravanelli: "Cristiano Ronaldo, Dybala, Higuain? Il nostro tridente era meglio..."

Fabrizio Ravanelli conquered the shirt of the Italian national football team at the time of Juventus (photo Ansa)

TURIN – The "Dygualdo", the trident composed of Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo, has already entered the hearts of Juventus fans but according to the former Juventus player Fabrizio Ravanelli the one composed by him, Baggio (and then Del Piero) and Vialli was definitely better. Fabrizio Ravanelli has released the following statements to Paolo Tomaselli for the "Corriere della Sera".

“Trident lessons? The Belgian Football Association invited me, I talked about it in front of 350 coaches. A nice experience. Ours, me, Vialli, Baggio first and Del Piero then, was inimitable, for the work that was being done. Neither that of Liverpool, Salah-Firmino-Mané, nor Dybala-Higuain-Ronaldo can get close. But each version has its own characteristics and strengths.

Our trident was born after a game with Brescia, in which Baggio was marked fixed and the coach decided to put one more forward. But we had to be the first defenders with pressing.

Today it is no longer possible: the players would complain about the excessive work. Juventus with the trident in the Italian Super Cup final against Lazio? Much depends on the willingness of the players to sacrifice themselves and on the condition: the example of Eto 'or in the year of the Inter Triplete is always valid "(article source, Paolo Tomaselli for the" Corriere della Sera).

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