Albinoleffe on Instagram: “Biava better than Cristiano Ronaldo”

Albinoleffe su Instagram: "Biava meglio di Cristiano Ronaldo"

The post published on Instagram by Albinoleffe with Cristiano Ronaldo and Beppe Biava

LEFFE – Sympathetic Instagram post from Albinoleffe, teams participating in the Serie C championship, after Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt against Sampdoria. In the post of the Albinoleffe there are two photos, the detachment of Cristiano Ronaldo against Sampdoria and that of Beppe Biava against Venice. The Serie C company has also added the following caption: "Everyone who talks about a Christian's header … but do you remember how much BEPPE BIAVA jumped?   AlbinoLeffe vs Venice
04.10.2003, Bergamo. #ForzaaL  … @legaproofficial @juventus @veneziafc @sampdoria @seriea @legaprosciutto_seriec @serieaoperazionenostalgia ”.

Who is Beppe Biava . Giuseppe Biava is a sports manager, football coach and former Italian footballer, defender, current coach of the Berretti dell'AlbinoLeffe team. During his long career as a professional footballer, Biava played in Serie A from 2004 to 2011 wearing the shirts of Palermo, Genoa, Lazio and Atalanta.

Biava also played in Serie B, Serie C and Serie D wearing Albinese, Albinoleffe, Biellese and Palermo shirts.

There are four trophies on Biava's bulletin board. The Serie D championship won with the Albinese in 1997, the Italian Serie C Cup won with Albinoleffe in 2002, the Italian Serie B soccer championship won with Palermo in 2004 and the Italian Cup won with the shirt of Lazio in 2013.

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