Inter-Genoa in Pairetto, furious fans: “Your brother works for Juventus”

Inter-Genoa a Pairetto, il fratello lavora nella Juventus

Luca Pairetto, pictured Ansa, will be the referee of Serie a Inter-Genoa

MILAN – Italy is the home of suspects. Before the fans let off steam in the bars or on the radio, now they do it on social networks. So a few hours after the refereeing of Inter-Genoa, the Nerazzurri fans began to express their discontent over the choice of Luca Pairetto of the Nichelino section. All this because his brother works as manager at Juventus. Juve is not only the team most hated by Inter fans but it is also the one that is fighting for the league title with the Nerazzurri.

So according to Inter fans, Pairetto would penalize their team for doing a favor for their brother who works for Juventus. This thesis is obviously based on nothing, as is typical of protests on social networks.

Alessio Pairetto, who is the brother of the referee of Inter-Genoa . Alessio Pairetto is thirty-five years old and works in Juventus as a manager with the qualification of head of stadium revenue. Luca Pairetto, on the other hand, is the son of the well-known Piedmontese whistle Pierluigi Pairetto, Luca decides to undertake the arbitration activity in 1999.

His absolute debut on a football field took place in February 2000. Luca Pairetto started refereeing in Serie A in 2016, so far he has collected 52 appearances in the top flight of Italian football.

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