Juventus market share, Dybala in the balance: does he stay or does he leave? The interested clubs

Calciomercato Juventus, Dybala in bilico: resta o parte? I club interessati

Dybala during Roma vs Juventus. He hangs in the balance during this transfer market (photo Ansa)

TURIN – The last year of Juventus was not easy for Paulo Dybala . It has gone from being the star of the team, the number ten, to often being a luxury back-up. Everything changed after the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin. The keys to the attack, the penalties and punishments have been removed from Dybala. The Argentine striker was moved away from the door, often as a helper for Cristiano Ronaldo.

His downgrading triggered a conflicting relationship with Massimiliano Allegri. With the stay of the Tuscan coach, Dybala would surely have left Juventus but after the arrival of Maurizio Sarri things could have changed.

The use of the conditional is a must because Dybala has not yet appeared at the Juventus pre-season retreat as he is spending extra vacation days due to his participation in the America's Cup with Argentina. As a result, he has not yet had direct contact with Maurizio Sarri. The former Napoli and Chelsea coach would like to have him available first and then make a more sensible decision about his future.

Dybala continues to have a transfer market, especially abroad, but not to the figures of two years ago when it came to worth almost one hundred million euros. Now Juve would also struggle to earn half (even if the Juventus club continues to evaluate his card at least sixty million euros).

Paulo Dybala has a transfer market in both England and Spain. Manchester United and Tottenham have knocked on the door of Juventus to ask for information. From Spain, Atletico Madrid appeared, dreaming of deploying it in an attack full of speed and fantasy with Joao Felix. Juve responded honestly, Dybala could also start but only after being carefully evaluated by new coach Maurizio Sarri.

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