Soddimo like Kane, goal from midfield in Napoli-Cremonese VIDEO

Soddimo video gol centrocampo Napoli-Cremonese youtube

Soddimo celebrates after scoring a goal from midfield during Napoli-Cremonese

DIMARO – Carlo Ancelotti's third Napoli summer test ends 3-3 twice behind, then comeback and eventually equalized with Rastrelli's Cremonese, team of B. The friendly match was decided by a masterpiece goal, by midfield, by Soddimo who remembered very much the one signed by Harry Kane during the International Champions Cup match between Juventus and Tottenham.

The match served to Ancelotti to understand the evolution of the first part of the preseason in view of the end of Dimaro's withdrawal, in two days. Many experiments and also the debut of Elmas, the new purchase in the median, entered in mid-recovery.

Napoli is preparing for the last two days of retreat and then to download the effort in an international tour that begins on July 28th from Edinburgh, against the European champions of Liverpool.

During these first friendlies with lower category teams, Napoli showed the usual brilliance in the offensive phase but in defense it really did struggle.

The scoresheet of the friendly match between Napoli and Cremonese ended on the result of three to three.

NAPLES-CREMONESE 3-3 (first half 1-2)
MARKERS: Autogol Manolas (N) at 11 ', Insigne (N) on penalty at 37', Arini (C) at 42 'pt; Verdi (N) at 9 ', Younes (N) at 24', own goal Meret (N) at 31 'st

NAPLES PT 4-2-3-1: Meret; Hysaj, Manolas, Chiriches, Ghoulam; Gaetano, Zielinski; Callejon, Mertens, Insigne; Milik. Ancelotti All.
NAPLES ST 4-2-3-1: Meret; Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Luperto, Mario Rui; Callejon, Gaetano; Malcuit (from 23 'st Elmas), Verdi, Insigne (from 20' st Younes); Milik (from 20 'st Tutino). (Karnezis, Idasiak). Ancelotti All.

CREMONESE 3-5-2: Agazzi (from 25 'st Ravaglia); Caracciolo, Claiton (from 23 'Ravanelli), Terranova; Mogos (from 29 'st Rondanini), Arini (from 36' st Girelli), Castagnetti (from 25 'st Cella), Boultam (from 13' st Deli), Migliore (from 1 'st Renzetti); Piccolo (from 13 'st Montalto), Palombi (from 13' st Soddimo). (Fox, Hoxha). Rastelli All.
REFEREE: Lovison of Padua
NOTES – Spectators 3500.

The video from YouTube with Soddimo's goal from midfield during the friendly match between Napoli and Cremonese which ended on the result of three to three (sources Ansa and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

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