Fiorentina lasts with the Church. Football player almost in tears, he wants Juve

Calciomercato Juventus Chiesa lacrime Fiorentina Dura

Church with the national team. Juve wants it as a transfer market shot (photo by Ansa)

NEW YORK – Church wants Juventus but Fiorentina has no intention of going out as a defeat by this transfer market story. The American property has just arrived in Florence and cannot present itself to new fans with the sale of the strongest player on the team. This transfer can also take place but the fault must fall solely on the player and not on the new American property.

Joe Barone, right-hand man of the purple president Rocco Commisso, was clear with Federico Chiesa. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport: "Rocco Commisso has already said that you are not allowed in his presentation press conference. He promised it to the purple fans and to a child admitted to the Mayer. Federico, but if there is no one, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Who's behind it? Which team? I've already talked to your father and I have nothing more to say to him. But as these rumors continue to come out about your future, then you and he will come out into the open, to say that you want to leave.

Tell the fans, explain it, take responsibility for your choice. In any case, we won't sell you even if we get a billion bid. Rocco doesn't need your money. We didn't buy you, we bought Fiorentina and all the players have to go back to honoring the shirt ". reveals new background on the hard confrontation of two days ago between Federico Chiesa and Joe Barone. On the coach of the team, in the presence of Dainelli (technical area supervisor) and Antognoni, Commisso's right-hand man would have demanded an apology from the player for his lack of commitment in morning training as well as threatening a fine if he hadn't done the interview with the CNBC in front of Wall Street.

As writes, Chiesa, which someone recounts almost in tears, would have stretched its hand to the company by presenting itself to the interview but not overreacting too much: "Decision on the postponed future, for now I am thinking of training: I will speak with society as is done in the family ”(sources and Il Corriere dello Sport).

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