Francesco Totti, 27 years ago his Serie A debut with Roma VIDEO

ROME – Francesco Totti, a player who has linked his entire career to Roma , made his Serie A debut 27 years ago during a Brescia-Roma 0-2 draw.

Totti was thrown into the fray at 43 'of the second half in place of an exhausted Rizzitelli. The coach of that Rome was Vujadin Boskov.

"27 years of love, passion, loyalty and above all the luck of wearing the only shirt that I truly loved have passed … a love that will never end."

Signed Francesco Totti. The former captain and manager of Roma on Instagram dedicates a post to the anniversary of the 27 years since his debut in Serie A with the yellow and red jersey, on March 28, 1993 on the Brescia field.

Also on his official account, Totti has also published in the stories section some videos of his goals with Roma with Bon Jovi's “It'a my life” music in the background.

BRESCIA-ROME 0-2, March 28, 2013.

BRESCIA Landucci, Brunetti, Rossi M., Domini, Paganin, Bonometti, Sabau, Schenardi (30′st Piovanelli), Raducioiu, Hagi (5′st Negro), Giunta. Available Vector, Marangon, Quaggiotto. Att. Lucescu

ROME Cervone, Benedetti, Petruzzi, Mihajlovic, Comi, Garzya, Aldair, Bonacina, Giannini (39′st Salsano), Caniggia,
Rizzitelli (43′st Totti). Available Zinetti, Rossi D., Muzzi. Att. Boskov
Referee: Boggi of Salerno

NETWORKS 23′pt Caniggia, 27′pt Mihajlovic

(ANSA source and YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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