Andrij Shevchenko: “Coronavirus is like Chernobyl”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – “Come on Italy, we can all do it together. I am always close to you ”. Thus ended the message of encouragement that Andrij Shevchenko entrusted to Sky Sport.

The former AC Milan striker is "out of London, already closed at home for 10 days". The Ukrainian champion remembered experiencing a similar situation after Chernobyl.

"Now the only solution is to respect the rules, to stay at home – he stressed – out of respect not only for ourselves, but for those we could infect, perhaps not knowing we are positive".

Then a special thanks to all those around the world who are “doing a great job, doctors and nurses. You are the heroes of our time. "

Coronavirus, Uruguay suspends contracts of Tabarez and other members.

All contracts suspended indefinitely, from that of coach Oscar Tabarez to administrators.

The Uruguayan Football Association's decision, which looks very much like a layoff, is a consequence of the blocking of sports activities due to the coronavirus pandemic – Covid-19.

"The executive committee informs that, due to the current health crisis that has led to the cessation of all activities, it is obliged to make a series of difficult decisions in order to protect the future functioning of the institution" announced the AUF in a note.

The decision concerns "all external contracts in all categories". Only "essential" services are maintained for the "basic needs of the institution".

According to Uruguayan media, the measure involves almost 400 people, including Tabarez, 73, coach of the Uruguayan national team since 2006.

"In a short time, the ball will start spinning again," is the optimistic conclusion of the press release.

Uruguayan football, like all public events, was suspended on March 13 "until further notice", the day the first four coronavirus cases were confirmed in the country.

According to the latest data announced yesterday, 274 people have proven positive in Uruguay. (source ANSA-AFP).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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