Fabio Cannavaro: “Coronavirus quarantine over, bicycle tour in China”

GUANGZHOU (CHINA) – Guangzhou Evergrande football team manager Fabio Cannavaro posted a video yesterday on his Instagram account while he was the protagonist of a public bike ride in a park in Guangzhou China .

While in Italy we are still on our knees, only yesterday there were more than 900 coronavirus deaths, in China they are trying to return to normal.

Fabio Cannavaro is keeping a "social diary" where he updates his fans on his Chinese days after the end of the quarantine.

Fabio Cannavaro tells via social how China, the country where Guangzhou Evergrande lives and where he trains, is managing to recover after the peak of the coronavirus emergency.

On March 27, the former captain of the National World Champion was released from quarantine.

“What you see is the document that marks the end of the quarantine. I can move, I've been to the restaurant, to the mall. Here we are starting again, but with great attention "explains Cannavaro in a video published on Instagram.

“There is still a lot of attention everywhere. Everywhere they measure temperature and everyone wears a mask and gloves. In short, there is a lot of attention but life is returning to normal so this must give us hope in Italy "he adds.

(source, INSTAGRAM profile by Fabio Cannavaro).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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